CIRCLE-ELD provides standards based language development.

CIRCLE-ELD's powerful curriculum and classroom model gives students access to the language of today's robust state and national standards. The standards for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English Learners (ELs) are brought to light in an immersive, academic, effective, and inclusive environment. 



Sub domains

English Language Arts

Reading: Literature
Reading: Informational Text
Reading: Foundational Skills
Speaking & Listening
Range, Quality, and Complexity


Counting and Cardinality

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Number and Operations

Measurement & Data



*See footnote.

Physical Sciences

Life Sciences

Earth and Space Sciences

Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science

Social Studies


Time, Continuity, and Change

People, Places, and Environments

Individual Development and Identity

Individuals, Groups, and Institutions

Power, Authority, and Governance

Production, Distribution, and Consumption

Science, Technology, and Society

Global Connections

Civic Ideals and Practices

English Learners

Social and Instructional Language

Language of Language Arts

Language of Mathematics

Language of Science

Language of Social Studies

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